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Online Bill Pay

Stress Less

View and pay all of your bills from one secure place

Improved Features

laptop and a mobile phone securely sending money via billpay

Responsive Layout

Experience Bill Pay on all your devices with the same simplified layout. Add, edit or delete payees, make updates to payments or schedule new payments from any device.

Screen shot of the simple billpay menu

Full Payment Control

Schedule recurring payments or make individual payments for all your bill payments. Setup email notifications for when payments are sent or clear your account.

A screen shot of the billpay history page

Clear Payment Activity

Easily filter, search, and view details about all of your payment history. See when payments were sent with up to 18 months of payment history.

hand holding a mobile phone

Secure Person-to-Person Pay

The simplest way to pay back friends, family, co-workers…anyone. Send money securely from your Members 1st account to just about anyone with an email or mobile number. Money moves directly from your Members 1st account to the recipient’s bank account.


How does it work?
  • 1

    Jane sends a payment by text or email to Amy.

  • 2

    Amy opens her text or email and enters her routing number and bank account number.

  • 3

    The payment is passed electronically from Jane’s account to Amy’s account.

Using your Bill Pay feature is easy


Just log into your online banking


Click the three bars at the top left of the screen

Mobicent omepage menu location

Select Bill Pay

Mobicent menu

Bill Pay Features

Your Payment HubView and pay all your bills from one place, from any device, at any time.

Fast and SecureMake payments as quickly as one business day online, safely and securely.

Payment NotificationsReceive notifications for upcoming due dates, completed payments, and much more.

Flexible Payment OptionsChoose from check, ACH, or Person-to-Person for one-time and recurring payments.

Bill StatementsView biller statements inside of Bill Pay and schedule to automatically pay bills.

FreeCreate and schedule unlimited payments with no monthly or annual fee.


When would be a good time to use Person-to-Person Pay?

Person-to-Person Pay is designed to simplify your life. Use when needing to pay the babysitter, pay for your portion of dinner with friends, recurring rent payments to your roommate, and much more.

How fast are payments made?

Overnight payments can be made for a small fee. Otherwise, Check payments are processed within 3-7 business days, ACH payments are processed within 2-3 business days, and Person-to-Person payments depend on when the recipient claims their payment.

Do recipient’s of Person-to-Person payments need to have a Members 1st account?

No, recipient’s will enter their routing number and bank account number to claim their payment.

How much do bill payments cost?

All bill payments are free; however, next-day rush delivery payments incur a small fee. See the credit union’s fee schedule for more information.

Can I use Bill Pay to perform an international bill payment?

No, Bill Pay is for paying bills securely within the United States.

Can I use Bill Pay to perform an international person-to-person payment?

No, Bill pay is for making secure person-to-person payments within the United States.

What is the minimum/maximum transaction amount I can make on a bill payment?

The minimum amount is $1.00 and the maximum amount is $20,000 for a Bill Pay payment.

What is the minimum/maximum transaction amount I can make on a person-to-person payment?

The minimum amount is $1.00 and the maximum amount is $20,000 for a person-to-person payment.

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