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Share Secured Loan

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Our low-interest Share Secured loan is designed to help you establish or rebuild credit by borrowing against an amount in your savings with an established repayment plan.

Features and benefits

Low interest

Build your credit with minimal cost.

Flexible terms

Choose a term between 12-120 months, tailored to fit your budget.

Improved Credit Score

A Share Secured loan may help improve your credit score.

Maximize Building Credit

Combining a Share Secured credit card with your loan to report revolving and installment debt may improve your credit score.

Same-Day Financing

Go from application to funded loan in as little as 1 day.

Affordable Payments

A lower rate and flexible terms help to make the monthly payment affordable.

When to use this loan

  1. A young member is getting started in their adult life and needs to establish installment debt on their credit history. Job time often prevents a financial institution from considering unsecured credit, so we offer a Share Secured Loan to develop credit history and a lending relationship with the credit union.
  2. A member applies for a Share Secured Visa. After a review of the application, the loan officer determines the member would also benefit from new installment debt on their credit history. A Share Secured Loan can be offered with no additional financial investment from the member.
  3. Parents are seeking a loan to purchase a vehicle for their child. If the request doesn’t fit our lending guidelines for an auto loan or unsecured lending, but the parents have offsetting funds in their savings, a Share Secured Loan can be offered using the funds in the parents’ account to establish a contractual obligation for repayment and help the child build credit.
  4. A Member plans to make a large cash purchase but would like to guarantee they’ll pay back their savings over time and isn’t interested in a high-interest unsecured loan. A Share Secured Loan can be used as a way to structure future savings growth so they can achieve this goal.


Isn't this loan just paying you to borrow my own money?
When will the security be returned to me?
I’m providing the secure funds for someone else. How do I guarantee the funds are returned to me?
I’m only trying to build credit. Can I leave the loan disbursement in the account and have the payments deducted automatically?
What happens if I’m no longer able to afford the monthly payments?


Loan Rates

APR* as low as

Share Secured

Rate includes 0.25% rate reduction for automatic payments and eStatements

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All loans subject to approval. Collateral conditions and restrictions apply. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change and vary based on creditworthiness and other factors.

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