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Embrace Change

Turn Your Small Change Into A Big Deal

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Embrace Change

Turn Your Small Change Into A Big Deal

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STASH is an easy way to make everyday purchases part of your savings plan. It's a simple concept: Every time you buy something with your Members 1st debit card, we'll round the purchase amount up to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference from your checking to an account of your choosing. You'll be surprised how much a little change here and there adds up.

Earn 3% APY on our Emergency
Savings when you bundle and save

How It Works


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Enroll your Members 1st debit card that you use for daily purchases by completing this form, calling us at (530) 222-6060, or stopping by your favorite Members 1st branch. Pro-tip, use this card for online and recurring payments to collect the most change.



Use your Members 1st debit card and spend like you normally would.



Finally, we'll round up your purchase to the nearest dollar amount and transfer the change from your checking account to an account of your choosing.

Watch the savings add up

Select your typical weekly purchases to calculate your savings



Four hands placing four coffee cups together



A table filled with plates of food and cups

Dry Cleaning


Dry cleaning rack



Four bags of groceries



A Gas station with multiple pumps

Movie Tickets


Four people watching a movie while eatting some snacks


Total Weekly Savings


Total Yearly Savings

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Actual change saved could accrue faster the more you use your debit card.

Where My Change Can Grow

STASH can round up your debit card transactions and apply the amount to any Members 1st account and savings suffix such as:
  • Regular Savings
  • Mem-Bear Savings
  • Auxiliary Savings
  • Holiday Savings
  • Emergency Savings
  • Money Market


Are transfers made at the end of each business day or at the time of each transaction?

One transaction at the end of each business day

If I wanted to turn off STASH, would I have to go to a branch, or would I be able to control that online?

You would need to call us, live chat, or go into a branch.

If the available balance is below a certain amount, will STASH be suspended to avoid potential overdraft situations?

If there aren’t enough funds to transfer the total amount, no transfer will be made at all.

How can I make the most of my savings using STASH?

STASH can be directed to any suffix on your account, including our new emergency savings account that earns 1,00% APY* on the first $1k.

Will I be able to set the amount to transfer per transaction, or does Members 1st only offer rounding up to the nearest dollar?

Round up to the nearest dollar, no custom amounts.

Eligible to all Butte, Glenn, Shasta, and Tehama County residents. Join Now

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