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Request to Know & Delete Personal and/or Household Information

Are you a member with Members 1st Credit Union?
Request to know(please check all that apply to your request)
Does your request include household information?
Request to delete personal information
Does your request include household information?

Household Information Requests:

If you check "yes" next to your request to know personal information and/or request to delete personal information, you are asking to provide information collected and/or to delete such information about everyone who reside with you and share a service that we provide with you.

To process this request, we need you to provide the names, date of birth, and the postal address of your residence.

Household Members(including yourself)

We will need to verify your identity and (if applicable) the identity of all the members in your household to respond to your request. Within 10 days of your submission of this form, we will notify you of what we will need to verify your identity and the members of your household (if applicable).

If you do not have a password-protected account with us we will not comply with a request to know specific pieces of personal information about your household or a request to delete household personal information unless all of the following conditions are satisfied: (1) all consumers of your household jointly request access to specific pieces of information for the household or the deletion of personal household information; (2) we are able to individually verify the identity of all of the members of your household; and (3) we verify that each household member making the request is currently a member of the household. We will provide you with more information about our verification requirements within 10 days of your submission of this form.

If you are an authorized agent for the above referenced consumer, we will request a copy of your government issued identification card, and the source of your authority to act on behalf of the consumer (e.g., POA, letters of conservatorship, written instructions, etc.). Additional details will be provided to you regarding what we need to verify you and your request within 10-days of your submission of this form.

Eligible to all Butte, Glenn, Shasta, and Tehama County residents. Join Now
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