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Loan Payments by Phone

Follow the instructions below for making loan or credit card payments through the Members 1st pay-by-phone system, administered by SWBC.

  1. Dial (530) 222-6060
  2. Choose option #6 in the Members 1st Credit Union auto-attendant menu for payment by phone
  3. For English, wait on the line
  4. If you have your account number, say "Yes" when prompted. Otherwise, say "No" you do not have your account number, to be transferred to a service representative.
  5. Enter or say your account number. Enter only the account number, without a suffix.
  6. The system will repeat your account number back to you. Say "Yes" to confirm, or say "No" to reenter your account number.
  7. Enter or say your 5-digit zip code associated with your Members 1st account
  8. The system will repeat your account number back to you. Say "Yes" to confirm, or say "No" to reenter your zip code.
  9. The system will list all loans associated with your account, give the amount due, and asks if you want to make a payment. Say "Yes" to make a payment, or say "No" to skip to the next loan available.
  10. If you say “Full Amount” when prompted, you will receive the minimum payment due
  11. Indicate whether you want to pay by check or debit card and enter the payment information when prompted
  12. The system will confirm the information entered and provide you with a confirmation number once the transaction is complete

If you need assistance making your phone payment, please contact us at (530) 222-6060 or (800) 303-3838.

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