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Safe Deposit Boxes

What is a Safe Deposit Box?

Safe deposit boxes are rentable containers available at some Members 1st Credit Union branch locations. Containers are secured in the branch's vault and are accessed by a key that you receive. Safe deposit boxes come in a variety of sizes with varying costs to rent. Please visit your local Members 1st branch for information on pricing and availability of safe deposit boxes.

How do I access my Safe Deposit Box?

Access to your safe deposit box is available during the branch's regular business hours. To access your safe deposit box, provide an available Member Service Representative with your name, account number, and safe deposit box number. You will be directed to a secure and private location to unlock your safe deposit box and view its contents. Use your designated safe deposit box key to unlock your safe deposit box. When finished, lock your safe deposit box and alert the nearest Member Service Representative to return your safe deposit box to the vault.

What happens if I lose my Safe Deposit Box key?

If your Safe Deposit Box key is ever lost, you will be charged a fee to have your Safe Deposit box drilled and re-keyed.

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