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Travel Card

What is a Travel Card and how does it work?

Members 1st offers a free Travel Card in place of travelers checks. The Travel Card functions like a Visa debit card. You can perform debit transactions online, in stores, and anywhere Visa is accepted. Your Travel Card is equipped with EMV chip technology to protect you from fraud and can be used at 30,000 surcharge free ATMs across the globe through our Co-Op ATM network. Funds can transferred and loaded to your Travel Card from any Members 1st Checking or Savings account. These funds are stored separately on your Travel Card account only, providing additional safety to your Checking or Savings account should the card be lost or stolen while traveling. Plus, if your card is lost or stolen, the funds can still be accessed within your Members 1st Online Banking or Mobile App. All of your transactions are protected by Visa's Zero Liability Policy, making you whole from any fraudulent purchases.

How would I use a Travel Card?

For Travel. When traveling, load your Travel Card with funds specific to your traveling needs. Use your Travel Card for all your purchases to protect your Debit Card and Checking account. Should your card be lost or stolen, your funds can be still be accessed within Online Banking or the Mobile App. Transfer the funds back to your Checking or Savings account.

For Budgeting. Load your Travel Card with a monthly amount for dining, entertainment, or online purchases. Once you deplete your funds, your Travel Card will not allow further transactions, keeping you from overspending and blowing your budget.

For Junior. Supply your son or daughter with their own Travel Card. Load their monthly allowance or other funds to their Travel Card from your Members 1st account. Keep track of their spending and purchases from your Online Banking or Mobile App. Help educate them on using a card for purchases and not overspending.

For Business. Use your Travel Card to keep track of business related expenses separate from your personal Checking account. Your Travel Card is accessible from your Online Banking or Mobile App, making it very accessible and easy to make transfers to your personal accounts in seconds rather than waiting hours or days for ACH transfers from a separate account. 

For Anything. The Members 1st Travel Card is extremely versatile and can be used for almost any occasion where you'd like to keep funds separate from your Checking or Savings account. Visit any Members 1st branch to open your Travel Card today.

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