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What to do with damaged or mutilated money?

The government will replace burned or mutilated money faster for individuals than it will for the credit union.

The address to submit your cash for replacement from personal delivery and non-postal couriers’ is:

Bureau of Engraving & Printing
MCD/OFM, Room 344A
PO Box 37048
Washington, DC 20228

The address for to submit your cash for replacement from postal couriers’ (FedEx/UPS) is:

Bureau of Engraving & Printing
MCD/OFM, Room 344A
14th and C Streets SW
Washington, DC 20228

Please include the following:

  • legible letter stating the estimated value of the currency
  • contact information
  • and an explanation of how the currency became mutilated

To receive a wire reimbursement, provide your account number and Members 1st Credit Union routing number 321174738

To receive reimbursement via a check, provide payee and mailing address information.

Treasury examiners are usually able to determine the amount and value of mutilated currency. Careful packaging is essential to prevent additional damage. If the currency is brittle or inclined to fall apart, pack it carefully in plastic and cotton without disturbing the fragments and place the package in a secure container. The currency should be insured and may be mailed via FedEx/UPS/US Postal Service, registered mail, return receipt requested.

The amount of time needed to process each case varies with its complexity and the case workload of the examiner. Standard claims can generally take 6 – 36 months to process depending on the condition of the currency.

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