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Insurance Verification

We would like to thank you for allowing Members 1st Credit Union to finance your car loan. Members 1st Credit Union does require you to confirm that you have the proper insurance to protect the vehicle securing your loan. Please follow the steps below.


All the following are required to be in place as of the date of the loan:
  • Comprehensive Coverage with a maximum $1,000 deductible
  • Collision coverage with a maximum $1,000 deductible
  • Lienholder listed as:
    Members 1st Credit Union
    PO BOX 492395
    Redding, CA 96049


Here are your options:
  • You provide your insurance proof to us by using this link
  • You provide your insurance proof by calling 1-866-338-9396
  • Provide a copy of your insurance Declaration Page to the Credit Union
  • If we do not receive proof of proper auto insurance as requested in Step 1 above, Members 1st Credit Union does have the right to add Collateral Protection Insurance to protect our interest
Please note that the Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) policy purchased on your behalf does not provide you with any bodily injury, property damage or liability coverage. CPI is very costly insurance, which provides coverage for the vehicle ONLY and will cause your loan payments to increase.

As a reminder, it is your responsibility to follow up to be sure your insurance proof has been received. Liability cards required by the state of California do not provide the necessary information under Step 1.

If you have questions, please call the Insurance Center at (800) 237-5781 ext. 3757, for assistance. Thank you for allowing Members 1st Credit Union to serve your financial needs.

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