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GAP Advantage with PowerBuy

A totaled vehicle is not a total loss when you're protected with GAP Advantage with PowerBuy.

Will your insurance cover your auto or recreational vehicle loan in the event of a total loss or theft? Probably not. In most cases, your insurance will fall short of covering the full balance of your auto loan at the time of loss, leaving a substantial amount of the loan balance for you to cover. GAP Advantage with PowerBuy can pay up to the remaining balance of your loan after an insurance payout and provide you with additional funds to finance your next auto or recreational vehicle with us.

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How It Works

Without GAP Advantage with PowerBuy

Without GAP

Your auto investment may not be covered.

With GAP Advantage with PowerBuy

With GAP

Your auto investment is covered, along with a sum of money toward a replacement vehicle.

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GAP Vehicle Protection
Eligible to all Butte, Glenn, Shasta, and Tehama County residents. Join Now

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