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How to troubleshoot your Members 1st account connection with Quicken, Quickbooks, or other budgeting programs

Your Members 1st account can connect with most budgeting software programs or online vendors such as Quicken, Quickbooks, Mint, and more. If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your account, review our troubleshooting tips below.

Tip 1. Be sure you’re registered for Online Banking with a functional username, password, security image, and security questions. These budgeting programs access your account with the use of web scrapping, where your account information and transaction history are collected by sharing your Online Banking login information with the vendor. If you’re not setup for Online Banking, you may register online and

Tip 2. Update your software program to the latest possible version. Some software programs, such as Quicken, have changed their connectivity method to all financial institutions, including Members 1st. Older versions of Quicken will no longer connect and require that you update to the latest version of Quicken. If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your Members 1st account, review the version of your software and check with the provider to see if an update is available and will solve the problem.

Tip 3. Contact your budgeting software provider’s support team. Most vendors provide some means of web or phone support. If your vendor indicates the connectivity issue resides with Members 1st, test your login to Online Banking. If you have difficulties logging in, please contact Members 1st. If you are able to successfully login to Members 1st Online Banking, there is no connectivity issue from Members 1st and the issue resides with the vendor.

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