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Insufficient Funds

Insufficient funds occur when someone tries to purchase an item using a check or debit card without having enough money in his or her credit union account. Members 1st offers two services to assist members with this occurrence. The first is Overdraft Protection where Members 1st can assign a back-up account to be drawn upon in times when your primary account does not have sufficient funds for a transaction. There is no charge from Members 1st for use of Overdraft Protection, a commonly charged service at most banks. Back-up accounts can consist of auxiliary savings, checking, Visa credit cards, and HELOCs. The second service offered is Courtesy Pay, where Members 1st offers to all members (with accounts in good standing) a line of credit to be drawn upon when funds are not available in the primary nor any back-up accounts to process a transaction. At that time the member's Courtesy Pay would pay for the transaction plus a one-time fee. This courtesy is extended to members to keep transactions from being declined and absorbing fees or other windfalls from the result of their transaction not posting.

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