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What to do with damaged or mutilated money?

Explanation of what to do with damaged money.

What’s the difference between PIN and Signature transactions on my debit card?

Description of PIN and Signature transactions.

When do I lock my rate?

Explanation of when rates lock on construction loans.

When do I receive my member statements?

Listing of when different accounts will receive an account statement.

When do I start the financing process?

Details of the construction loan financing process.

When will I receive my cards?

When to expect your new card.

Why do I have a hold on my account after I purchased gasoline with my debit card?

Explanation of potential debit card holds for gas purchases.

Why is my Members 1st FICO® Score different from Credit Karma?

Understand the difference between an educational score provided by Credit Karma and your FICO® Score provided by Members 1st Credit Union.

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