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How to Download Your Transaction History and Export Transaction History to QuickBooks

Instructions on how to download and then export your Members 1st transaction history into QuickBooks.

How are my payments calculated during the construction process?

Description of payments during building process.

How can I get cash back on my Visa Debit Card?

Explanation of how to get cash back.

How can I tell if my personal information is being transmitted securely?

How to ensure your information security when visiting pages online.

How do I access medallion stamp services?

How to take advantage of Medalion Stamp services.

How do I access notary services?

Description of notary services available.

How do I change my address and/or phone number?

Explanation of how to change personal information on your Members 1st account.

How do I clear my browser history and cookies?

Details on how to clear your browser history and cookies.

How do I conduct a Wire Transfer?

Step-by-step instructions on receiving wire transfers through your Members 1st account.

How do I deposit a check with my phone?

Learn how you can deposit check using the Members 1st Mobile App on your phone.

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