Bank Jugging: What it is and How Do You Protect Yourself

Bank Jugging: What it is and How Do You Protect Yourself

As long as there are people making money, there will be others who will try to take it from them.

While card skimming has been around for a while, the newest forms of theft are "Bank Jugging" and "Card Cracking." You need to be aware of these new schemes so that they don’t happen to you.

What is “Bank Jugging?”

Bank Jugging occurs when a thief parks outside of a bank and watches patiently as customers go in and out. The suspect targets anyone who comes out with a bank bag, coin box, or bank envelope that looks like they may have a large amount of cash. They then follow the customer and burglarize their car or the victim directly.

Most often, the crime occurs at the destination the victim stops at after leaving the bank, a restaurant, a grocery store, or even their home. When the customer attempts to leave their vehicle, they are robbed.

Bank Juggers often park where they have clear visibility of the front door, the commercial drive-thru lane, or the ATM. If the line of visibility is obscured, they will change parking spots. Be aware of vehicles that park but no occupants enter the bank.

How to prevent Bank Jugging:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if something seems strange as you enter the bank.
  2. Conceal your bank deposit bags, coin boxes, or envelopes as you enter and leave the bank.
  3. If you feel like you are being followed, call 911 and drive to a police station.
  4. Take your bank bag or envelope with you to your next destination. Don’t hide it in your vehicle.

Bank Jugging is becoming increasingly prevalent. It is easy to get in a rush and be distracted, but if you stay aware of your surroundings and report anything suspicious, you can avoid getting “Jugged!”

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