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How to Opt-Out of Marketing and Other Communication

Tutorial explaining how to opt out of various communications from Members 1st.

How to Register a Trusted Device to Your Online Accounts

Guide on how to register new devices such as a laptop or mobile phone to be recognized as a trusted device by your account.

How to Set Up eAlerts and Notifications

Step-by-step tutorial to help you set up notifications for your Members 1st account within Online Banking and the Mobile App.

How to Set Up Face ID

Guide on how to sign in to your mobile banking app using Face ID.

How to Set Up Touch ID

Guide on how to set up Touch ID to sign in to your mobile banking app.

How to Setup Transfers and Payments

Details on how to setup one-time and recurring deposit transfers and loan payments with your Members 1st account.

How to troubleshoot your Members 1st account connection with Quicken, Quickbooks, or other budgeting programs

Troubleshooting your connectivity between Members 1st and your budgeting software such as Quicken, Quickbooks, and Mint

Loan Payment Options

See a list of options and ways to make payments to your Members 1st loans and credit cards.

Loan Payments by Phone with a Debit Card

Instructions on completing a loan or credit card payment by phone with a debit card with the Members 1st pay-by-phone system.

Merchant Services for Business Accounts

Description of services now offered to Members 1st business accounts.

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