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Accessing your account number

Instructions on how to access your Members 1st Credit Union account number.

Activate new card

How do you activate your new card from Members 1st Credit Union

Adding and Removing a Joint Account Holder

How to add or remove beneficiaries

Adding or Removing Beneficiaries

How to add or remove a beneficiary from your Members 1st account

Adding Your Members 1st Card to Amazon

Instructions on how to add your Members 1st debit or credit card to your Amazon account.

Auxiliary Savings Tutorial

A tutorial on how to open an Auxiliary Savings Suffix on the Mobile App and Online Banking.

Can I finance the cost of the land with my mortgage?

If you have a loan on your land, we will pay off that lien as part of your construction loan.

Can I request for a check to be mailed to me?

How to mail a check to yourself with Members 1st.

Card Controls

Tutorial on how to use the new Card Controls feature in the Mobile App.

Cashier's Check and Money Orders

Explaining the difference between cashier's checks and money orders from Members 1st

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