Banking While Social Distancing

Banking While Social Distancing

In the best effort to support our community through quarantine and social distancing recommendations, Members 1st  has compiled a comprehensive list of alternatives to support your banking and financial needs. The world is complicated right now, but we are working hard to make sure your banking doesn’t have to be.

Note: We are fortunate to live in a time where so much of what we do in a branch can be shifted to a computer or mobile device, though we understand this shift can seem complicated for many members, so we have also supplied tutorials for all services linked within the text.

Online Banking: You can access all of your accounts online and do things such as checking your balance, setting up payments, transferring money, and more here.

Members 1st Mobile App: Check your balances and loan amounts, deposit checks remotely, set up bill pay, and even get your FICO® Score right from your smartphone. You can also locate any of the 30,000 CO-OP network ATMs available for fee-free use by Members 1st members. Download the app at the Apple App or Google Play store.

Mobile Deposit: Deposit your check right from your smartphone without ever going into a branch or even to an ATM. It’s as easy as pointing and snapping a photo! Find a step-by-step video tutorial here.

Person-To-Person Payments: Set up person-to-person payments through the mobile app without having to exchange payment in person. A video tutorial can be found here.

CO-OP ATM Network: Access any of our branch drive-up or walk-up ATMs as well as any of the 30,000 CO-OP network ATMs.

Loan Payments: Easily make loan or credit card payments over the phone at (530) 222-6060 or make a one-time or recurring payment online.

Online Applications: Access to all applications for loans, cards, and account openings are available online at

Steps we are taking in-branch:

We are taking health concerns very seriously in our branches. Please visit this previous article for a full recap on all precautions we are taking.

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