Learn to Budget with Members 1st!

Learn to Budget with Members 1st!

Struggling to figure out where your paycheck has gone when bills come due? A simple way to stay in control of your money is to set a budget so that every dollar is accounted for. Budgeting doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and with our easy budgeting worksheet, you’ll be a pro at it in no time! 

To use the worksheet, you’ll need to know an approximate take-home amount for your paychecks. Once you have this number, start listing your expenses: bills, food, savings, etc. Try to be realistic with these numbers, but you can also try setting goals as well, for example, wanting to spend less on entertainment and putting more into savings. Subtracting your expenses from your take-home pay should leave you with an amount leftover (hint: try putting this into savings) but if there’s a deficit, you may need to rethink your expenses until it balances. Be sure to reference the suggested spend percentage for each category. Every budget is unique, as will be your spend percentage for each budget category, but the total percentage for all budget categories should equal 100%. Begin utilizing this worksheet each month to put you in control of your money, instead of wondering where it all went.


Download our budgeting worksheet here!


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