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Credit Dispute Process

Explanation of the credit disputing process

Do I have to sell my current house before starting construction?

Explanation of whether or not you'll need to sell your existing house.

Do I need to own the land?

Land ownership requirements for construction loans.

Does it matter which builder I use?

Description of the types of builders that can be used with a Members 1st Construction Loan.

Export Transaction History to QuickBooks

Instructions on how to export your Members 1st transaction history and import into QuickBooks.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Details on how to exchange international currency before and after traveling with Members 1st.

Gifting Points

How to gift points with your Memberperks Rewards Credit Card.

How are my payments calculated during the construction process?

Description of payments during building process.

How can I get cash back on my Visa Debit Card?

Explanation of how to get cash back.

How can I tell if my personal information is being transmitted securely?

How to ensure your information security when visiting pages online.

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