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Thompson Fire Relief Resources

Thompson Fire Relief Resources

Members 1st is here to help

Information and links on this page are provided to support Thompson Fire survivors with helpful information and resources

Financial Assistance and Loan Programs

Take advantage of special financial assistance and loan programs for those directly impacted by a fire. Call (530) 222-6060 x516.

Loan Info

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Start Now

General Action Plan

If you’ve been impacted by a fire, follow these steps to begin your recovery process.
  1. File Your Claim
    Be sure to file a claim with your insurance provider as soon as possible. This will allow your insurance provider to help you set temporary lodging, a rental vehicle, advance insurance proceeds, and other possible resources. Take time to review your insurance policy and familiarize yourself with all the possible benefits afforded to you.
  2. Reclaim Important Paperwork
    Visit city and county offices to reorder important paperwork or documentation such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, or social security card. Don’t forget to update your property tax information with your local county office if your home was lost to a fire.
  3. Utilize All Your Resources
    Don’t let your pride keep you from utilizing the many resources that can be found from local non-profits such as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army. Many organizations are eager to help with financial aid, lodging, meals, debris removal, and more. Check with your local City Office or TV and radio stations for information about non-profits and government agencies available to help you.
  4. Document Everything
    As you begin to rebuild your future, be sure to document as much as possible. Everything from conversations with insurance agents and contractors, to receipts for meals and items will be important to record in the days ahead. Rather than trying to commit everything to memory, grab a notebook or hop on a computer to capture notes regarding important conversations and help track expenses. Starting with a good tracking system from day one will save you a lot of time, effort, and possibly money in the long run.

Financial Assistance and Loan Programs

Auto Loan

We can help you replace a vehicle that was damaged or lost in a fire.

RV Loans

We can help you replace your RV that was damaged or lost in a fire.

Construction Loans

We can help finance a portion or the entire reconstruction of your home.


If you don’t choose to rebuild, we can help you purchase your next home.

For information about financial assistance and special loan programs, call (530) 222-6060 x516

Construction Loans

If your insurance funds will not cover the cost to rebuild your home, Members 1st offers home construction financing to help you get back in your home.

Thompson Fire FAQs

General Mortgage Info

My house burned down. What happens to my mortgage?
I lost my home paperwork in the fire. Can Members 1st help me obtain my deed of trust and/or appraisals?
Is Members 1st offering discounted mortgage rates or special loan programs specifically for fire victims?
Is Members 1st offering special loans for first responders (Hero loans)?
Will Members 1st “call my loan” due (i.e., require loan to be paid in full)?
What if I only have partial damage to my property but not a total loss?
Will I still have access to my available balance on my HELOC?
Can I get 100% financing (FHA program)?
Can I qualify for a new mortgage loan?
Will you honor my rate if I pay off my loan and take out a new one?
What if I want to pay off my mortgage and sell my land?

Mortgage Payments

I lost my job and cannot pay my mortgage payment – what do I do?
Should I stop making payments?
How long do I have to pay off my loan if the collateral was destroyed?
I need a payoff letter for my mortgage loan sent to my insurance company – how do I get that?
Can I use insurance funds as a down payment on a new purchase (when existing home burned down)?
Do I have to pay off my existing loan if I do not want to rebuild?
What is forbearance?
I deferred payments on my Members 1st loans; what happens next?
Does deferring mean that I am skipping payments or delaying them?
How will deferring payments affect my credit score?
Does my loan still accrue interest with the payment deferments?


Should I rent and rebuild, or buy?
I got my insurance check - now what?
Can I deposit my insurance check at an ATM or with the mobile app?
If I buy a new home to live in while I rebuild, will that be considered my primary residence?
Additional resources

Consumer Loans

My vehicle was destroyed in the fire - what do I do next?
What if my insurance coverage isn’t enough to cover my auto/RV loan payoff?
Can I get a reduction on my existing Members 1st auto?
I was evacuated or my house was destroyed can I get a credit limit increase?
Is it OK if I live in a trailer (RV) while my house is being rebuilt?
I need a payoff letter for my vehicle loan sent to my insurance company – how do I get that?
Is Members 1st going to reduce the rates for fire victims and non-fire victims?
Are members going to be allowed to extend deferred payments?
What if I didn’t have GAP - will I have to pay the difference?
What is the maximum time that I do not have to make a payment?
What if the insurance company has not processed my claim yet but I need a car now?
My insurance claim was denied; I don’t have any money to put down as down payment.
Should I pay off the loan now and wait for the insurance check to repay myself?
Should I stop making payments?
How long do I have to pay off my loan if the collateral was destroyed?
Does deferring mean that I am skipping payments or delaying them?
How does deferring payments affect my credit score?
I don’t know if I have GAP insurance on my car/truck/motorcycle – can you tell me if I do?
Will I have interest on my balance for my credit card?
Eligible to all Butte, Glenn, Shasta, and Tehama County residents. Join Now

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