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Changing Your Mobile App Password

A guide on how to change your password in the mobile app.

Changing Your Mobile App Username

Instructions on changing your username within the mobile app.

Changing Your Suffix Name

Guide on how to rename your suffix accounts.

Checking Your FICO® Score on the Mobile App

Guide on how to find your FICO® Score on the Members 1st mobile app.

Creating and Deleting a Bill Payment

A guide to set up a new bill payment or delete a previously scheduled bill payment.

How do I deposit check with my phone?

Learn how you can deposit check using the Members 1st Mobile App on your phone.

How do I register for Online Banking?

Step by step instructions and screenshots on how to register for Online Banking.

How do I remotely deposit checks?

Instructions on how to remotely deposit checks with the use of the Members 1st Mobile App.

How do I send money using the mobile app?

Learn how you can use the Members 1st Mobile App to send person to person payments electronically with a phone number or email address.

How do I setup external accounts and ACH transfers?

How to setup external accounts and ACH transfers.

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