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Setting Up Transfers to Another Members 1st Member Account

How to setup an internal transfer from your Members 1st account to another member's account.

Stop Payment (Electronic/Check)

A Stop Payment may be requested to place a stop on a check or ACH payment currently in process. Stop payments will remain in effect for 14 calendar days...


Subaccounts are auxiliary savings accounts you can use to organize the funds within your savings account. Subaccounts may be requested...

Understanding FICO® Scores

How to interpret and understand FICO® Scores.

What do I do if I receive a message that my Online Banking access is disabled?

Details on what to do if your Online Banking account is disabled.

What To Do If You Are Locked Out of Online or Mobile Banking

Tutorial on how to reset your password if you forget it or it isn't working to log into online or mobile banking.

When do I receive my member statements?

Listing of when different accounts will receive an account statement.

Why is my Members 1st FICO® Score different from Credit Karma?

Understand the difference between an educational score provided by Credit Karma and your FICO® Score provided by Members 1st Credit Union.

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